Westcott X-Drop Kit (5 x 12', Green Screen)

Replacement Value : $183
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Number of Backdrops


Material of Construction

Cotton, Polyester


5 x 12' / 1.52 x 3.66 m

- Westcott X-Drop Background (5 x 12', Green Screen) (WE579S)
- X-Drop Frame
- 25 x CloudKO Lite Green Screen Extractions
- Carry Case

Movri provides Lens & Camera Rentals for professional photographers, videographers, filmmakers, and photography/videography hobbyists.

The Westcott X-Drop 5ft x 12ft Background Kit is compact, travel-friendly kit that’s a great option for on-location shoots. 

 Most Convenient Green Screen Backdrop

Wrinkle-Resistant Backdrop is constructed with an innovative cotton blend fabric that is designed to prevent reflections coming from any angle.  Whether you are shooting high-end editorials or high school seniors, Wrinkle-Resistant Green Screen Backdrops will withstand whatever shooting situation you encounter.

 Sturdy Construction

The X-Drop is thick and durable, yet lightweight for easy suspension and travel. It is designed to withstand years of use in busy studios or on-the-go. Cleaning the fabric is easy, simply machine wash it with cold water and then tumble dry on low. It features a telescopic frame with a limited footprint, allowing for placement in even the smallest studios and locations.

 Vast Coverage

Westcott Green Screen Backdrop is sized in large 5' x 12' for use with the X-Drop System. Whether you're shooting a group, close-up beauty, or a small family, there is a Wrinkle-Resistant Green Screen Backdrop sized to fit your needs.

 Universal Mounting Options

Wrinkle-Resistant Green Screen Backdrop includes a pole pocket for use with any standard backdrop support system and mounting grommets for use with the X-Drop system or with household hooks.

 Easy Green Screen Removal with CloudKO Lite®

This item now includes 25 free green screen extractions using CloudKO Lite by 36Pix web-based software or Adobe® Photoshop® plugin. Trusted by professional photographers around the world, this software automatically masks, corrects spill, and removes shadows, while preserving fine detail and giving the subject a natural look on the new background.

 Movri Canada, providing the mail-delivery system, is set out to make the gear available at more affordable prices through online rentals.

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