Tilta 4 x 4" Carbon Fiber Matte Box

Replacement Value : $677
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Filter Type

4 x 4"

Total Filter Stages


Rotating Stages


Degree of Rotation



Carbon Fiber

Dimension L x W x H

9.9 x 6.6 x 3" / 25.1 x 16.8 x 7.36 cm


2 lb / 0.91 kg


Top Flag

15.13 x 4.88" / 384.3 x 123.9 mm

0.06" / 1.5 mm

5 oz / 141.8 g

Side Flag


9.13 x 5.13" / 231.9 x 130.3 mm

0.06" / 1.5 mm

3 oz / 85 g

- Tilta 4 x 4" Carbon Fiber Matte Box
- 2 x Filter Tray (4 x 4")
- Nuns Knickers
- 3 x Anti Reflection Insert

The Tilta 4×4” Carbon Fiber Matte Box is a full-featured, budget-friendly matte box designed for 4×4 cinema filters.

Lightweight Construction

The Tilta 4 x 4" Carbon Fiber Matte Box features carbon fiber and aluminum construction, making it both lightweight and durable.  This sturdy unit is appropriate for shooting hand-held or with a stabilizer rig. The matte box can mount to 15mm rails and be vertically adjusted to match your lens height. 

Swing-Away Design

The swing-away design enables quick lens changes without having to disassemble the setup. This way you don't have to hand off the matte box to someone else, hold it under an arm or between your knees, or hang it under the rods while you work, greatly speeding your workflow and reducing the chance of dropping the matte box or having a filter tray fall out.

Top & Side Flags

The removable top and side flags provide optimal flare protection and attach to the matte box with a lockable hinged assembly. This allows you to precisely set your flags to match the edge of frame for different lenses and lock them in place so that they don't move during the shot. They’re removable if you don’t need them.

Anti-Reflection Inserts

3 included anti-reflection inserts work with lenses with an outer diameter of 72, 80, and 90mm. This matte box can support lenses with a diameter from 72-100mm. Specifically, the default lens size is 100mm, but these 3 adapters, and an elastic fabric ring (a nun’s knickers) eliminate light leakage if your lens doesn’t fit one of the adapters exactly.

4x4” Filter Trays

This matte box from Tilta is designed for 4×4” cinema filters. There is one rotating filter holder for positioning a graduated or polarized filter, and one static tray for standard filters.

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