Tiffen 67mm Variable Neutral Density Filter

SKU : TI-ND-67
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Filter Type

Variable ND


0.6 (2 Stops) to 2.4 (8 Stops)



Circular Size

67 mm

Front Accessory Thread / Bayonet


Filter Thickness

0.35" / 9 mm

Filter Material




- Tiffen 67mm Variable Neutral Density Filter (TI-ND-67)
- Black Nylon Pouch (MR-FP)

Tiffen’s Variable Neutral Density Filters offer photo and video shooters a budget-friendly option.

All-in-One ND Filter

The Tiffen Variable Neutral Density Filter’s built-in rotating ring allows neutral density filtration ranging from 2 to 8 stops, effectively eliminating the need for multiple different Full ND filters.

Thin 9mm Profile Ring

The wide front filter ring helps to reduce vignetting when used with ultra-wide-angle lenses.

ColorCore Technology

The ColorCore process allows Tiffen to control the colour and density of their filters, and the characteristics of special effects filter with much higher accuracy than typical dyed-in-the-mass filters, which usually exhibit colour and density variations. In this way, Tiffen can better control the various densities of their filters and thereby create more exact degrees of filtration.

Common Uses

Neutral Density Filters Have Four Main Uses:

  1. To enable slow shutter speeds to be used, especially with high-speed ISOs, to record movement in subjects such as waterfalls, clouds, or cars

  2. To decrease depth of field by allowing wider apertures to be used, which helps separate subjects from their background

  3. To reduce the effective ISO of high-speed film (above ISO 400) and allow it to be used outdoors in bright situation

  4. To allow cine and video cameras (which have fixed shutter speeds) to film subjects such as snow, sand or other bright scenes which could cause overexposure

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