Tiffen 4 x 4" (4mm thick) DV Select Filter Kit 3

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DV Select Kit 3


4 x 4" (4mm thick) (100 x 100mm)



  • Neutral Density: 0.6

  • ProMist: 1/4

Filter Factor


  • Neutral Density: Increase exposure by 2-stops

  • Black ProMist: Not Specified by Manufacturer

  • Ultra Polarizer: Between 2.3 and 2.8 (approx. +1.3 stops) - approx.


Not Applicable


Polarizer only



  • Neutral Density: to reduce the amount of light reaching the film

  • Black ProMist: Soft focus

  • Ultra Polarizer: Removes reflections and increases color saturation without affecting the overall color balance



  • Neutral Density: Nature, Travel, Outdoor photography

  • Black ProMist: Portrait, wedding photography

  • Ultra Polarizer: Nature, travel, outdoor photography

Color Temperature

Not Applicable


ColorCore Glass

Front Filter Thread Size

Not Applicable

Front Lens Cap Size

Not Applicable

- Tiffen 4 x 4" (4mm thick) DV Select Filter Kit 3
- 4 x 4" (4mm thick) Neutral Density .6 Filter
- 4 x 4" (4mm thick) Black ProMist 1/4 filter
- 4 x 4" (4mm thick) Ultra Circular Polarizing FIlter
- Pouch

The Tiffen 4 x 4" (4mm thick) DV Select Filter Kit 3 has everything you need to get great shots outdoor. Whether you prefer landscapes or portraits, this kit can give you an edge. The kit includes a Neutral Density .6 Filter, a Black ProMist 1/4 filter, an Ultra Circular Polarizing Filter and a Pouch for storage.

Neutral Density Filter

Often it is necessary or desirable to balance the light intensity in one part of a scene with another. This is especially true in situations where you don't have total light control, as in bright contrasty landscapes. Exposing for the foreground will produce a washed-out, over-exposed sky while exposing for the sky will leave the foreground dark and under-exposed. Determining which graduated neutral density filter yields ideal results for any given lighting situation takes knowledge, experience and a collection of such filters. Choose the filter strength which adjusts the lighting to stay within the exposure latitude (greatest difference between bright/dark values) which still shows details in both of the digital or film medium in use.

Neutral Density filters have four main uses

  • To enable slow shutter speeds to be used, especially with high speed films, to record movement in subjects such as waterfalls, clouds, or cars
  • To decrease depth of field by allowing wider apertures to be used, which helps separate subjects from their background
  • To decrease the effective ISO of high speed film (above ISO 400) and allow it to be used outdoors in bright situations
  • Sand or other bright scenes which could cause overexposure

Black ProMist 1/4 Filter
It is a part of the Hollywood F/X series of filters. The Black Pro-Mist creates moderate image softening and modest-to-strong highlight flare, but without as much of a lightening effect in the shadow areas. The 2-stop value effectively compensates average bright sky-to-foreground situations, and the soft transition is applicable more often to a scene than the hard transition.


  • Offers all the benefits of the Pro-Mist filter in a more subtle form
  • Highlight flares are controlled
  • Contrast is lowered, but with less lightening of shadows for a more delicate effect
  • Delicate effect with contained highlight flare
  • Creates a soft light "pastel" effect

Ultra Circular Polarizer
Tiffen's Ultra Polarizers polarize light "a little more" than regular polarizers. Light rays which are reflected become polarized. Polarizing filters are used to select which light rays enter your camera lens. They can remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water or glass and also saturate colors providing better contrast. The effect can be seen through the viewfinder and changed by rotating the filter. The filter factor varies according to how the filter is rotated and its orientation to the sun.


  • Your deep blue sky will become even "bluer"
  • A highly efficient design
  • Made from White Water Glass

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