Ready Rig GS Stabilizer Kit with Case

Replacement Value : $2614
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Maximum Load

1-30 lb (0.45-13.6 kg)

Belt Size

28-44" (71-112 cm)


12 lb (5.4 kg)

- Ready Rig GS Stabilizer Kit with Case (RERIGGSK )
- 2 x Shoulder Mounts
- 2 x Carbon Fiber Support Rods
- 2 x Rear Tension Cables
- 2 x Universal Gimbal Attachments
- Carrying Case

Ready Rig GS Stabilizer Kit is the industry leading tool that allows you to push your creativity with total freedom of movement and weight support. It redistributes the weight of equipment up to 30lb to make long shoots easier, while also smoothing out your footage. This kit is compatible with any gimbal in standard or underslung mode. The Ready Rig GS features a load capacity range of 1 to 30lb, carbon fiber support arms, shoulder mounts, rear tension cables, universal gimbal attachments and an aluminum frame.

Weight Redistribution

The Ready Rig GS Stabilizer Kit has a dual-arm, over-the-shoulder design that decreases vertical clearance required and makes tasks like moving through doorways and operating in tight quarters much easier. The vest redistributes the weight of gimbal mounted and handheld camera builds to your legs and core, enabling you to shoot for longer periods of time with less fatigue. The Ready Rig GS is designed to reduce the bounce motion that can be experienced during handheld and gimbal shots.

Durable & Lightweight

Every piece of the Ready Rig is built strong & durable capable of holding any gimbal or camera rig from 1 to 30lb. Its slim, compact profile suits it for use in tight spaces and car interior shots. The Ready Rig GS Stabilizer works with any gimbal in standard or underslung mode. Slim design with carbon fiber support arms and aluminum components comprises for a total assembled weight of about 12lb. For your purposes, that translates to a lightweight rig that won’t break on set. A durable zippered carrying case is included to store your kit which can be hand-carried or worn as a backpack.

Added Stabilization

Extra vertical stabilization is inherent to the design of the ReadyRig and helps smooth every axis of movement.

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