Profoto OCF Beauty Dish (White, 24")

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Requires Speed Ring / Adapter

Yes, Profoto OCF Mount Not Included


ø: 24" / ø: 60.9 cm


1.3 lb / 0.6 kg

- Profoto OCF Beauty Dish (White, 24") (PR101220)

The Profoto OCF 24-inch White Beauty Dish is an add-on light modifier for the Profoto B1 and B2 strobes. 

Collapsible & Portable

The OCF Beauty Dish is a collapsible and more portable version of the classic Profoto Softlight Reflector. Since it is tailor-made for on-location photography, the OCF Beauty Dish is compact, lightweight and easy to use. High-quality fabrics and patent-pending design allows you to snap it onto the speed ring without having to bend and fumble with the rods.

Soft, Defined Light

With a beauty dish, you get much more defined shadows. At the same time, it produces a wide, uniform soft light. It gives a softer and slightly more even light than its silver counterpart.  When it comes to bringing out the beauty of your subjects, this is second to none.

Center Deflector

The center-mounted disc blocks direct light and redirects it to the large 24-inch reflector, providing a gradual light fall-off. This is what enables the increased shadow definition. It also produces the specular highlights (circular highlights that look like donuts) at close distances that are highly desired in beauty and fashion photography. Light bounces off the included deflector and is directed outwards to edge of the beauty dish.

B1, B2, and B10 Strobes Only

The 24-inch White Beauty Dish is only compatible with Profoto heads that feature an LED modeling lamp, like the Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Battery Powered Flash, B2 250 Air TTL To-Go Kit, B2 250 Air TTL Location Kit, and B10 OCF Flash Head. It may not be used with D1 and D2 monolights or standard heads.

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