Proaim 8ft Track Aluminum Pipe Kit for Polaris Dolly

Replacement Value : $558
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High-grade Aluminum Made

Each Section


Outer Rail Diameter


- 4 x 4ft Portable Track Sections (TRK-4P)
- Storage Bag

Proaim Track is the new, high-grade Aluminum Pipe Kit made for Proaim Polaris dolly. This portable track allows to capture the action on locations wherever you are - with perfect smoothness and least effort. It can be used in lengths of 4ft and 8ft depending on your shot requirements. The connection of sections is done by push-fit mechanism, it’s completely tool-less. An outer rail diameter of 38mm/1.5” allows excellent tracking stability. It is not only lightweight but also very robust and insusceptible to shocks. Proaim Track allows smooth moving shots with the camera on your Polaris Dolly. Its smart construction offers enhanced strength, durability, and retention. The portable design minimizes the space requirement for transport and storage. The Track is also compatible with most similar style dollies that needs 38mm/1.5” track.

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