Panasonic DMW-BTC13 Battery Charger

Replacement Value : $56
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AC Input Power

100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz

DC Input Power


Number of Battery Bays




USB Port

1 x Micro-USB (Micro-B)

- Panasonic DMW-BTC13 Battery Charger (DMW-BLF19-CR)
- USB Cable
- USB AC Adapter

The Panasonic DMW-BTC13 Charger lets you completely charge your DMW-BLF19 battery pack via a 5 VDC USB port or even a 1.8A portable power pack. This setup provides shooters with added versatility when charging during travel as it does not require an AC power source and only a 1.8A battery pack. It includes a USB cable and AC adapter for home charging.

LED Indicator

A LED indicator is located on the top to show the charging status.


The Panasonic DMW-BTC13 Battery Charger can be used to keep your DMW-BLF19  battery pack fully charged. It is ideal for extended photography sessions. You can plug-in the charger to any USB-enabled device such as your PC, or laptop as well as portable power packs. It has a 5 VDC USB Port and a single battery bay.

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