Novoflex MagicBall 50 Ballhead - Supports 15.40 lb (6.99 kg)

Replacement Value : $442.00
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Head Type

Ball Head

Base Mount

3/8"-16 Thread

Quick Release Plate Type

No Quick Release

Load Capacity

15.4 lb / 6.99 kg

Number of Bubble Levels


Friction Control


Independent Pan Lock



H: 4.1" / H: 10.4 cm


1.3 lb / 0.6 kg

- Novoflex MagicBall 50 Ballhead

The Novoflex MagicBall 50 Ballhead is a unique alternative to a traditional ballhead that’s designed for telephoto use.

Versatile Ballhead

The Novoflex MagicBall 50 is sort of an upside-down ballhead. The base has a 3/8-inch female thread to mount to a monopod or tripod, and a 1/4-inch top screw to mount to a camera or lens’s tripod mount. It does not have a quick-release plate; the lens or camera is mounted and dismounted by the thumb wheel.

Flexible, Easy-to-Control Monopod Head

It makes a superb and extremely flexible head for a monopod, giving you a lot more flexibility than simply tilting this way and that. Its handle—which is also the friction-lock lever—makes it much easier to control on a monopod than a standard ballhead.


The surface is coated with a scratch-resistant, smooth shell which reduces vibration transmission while allowing the user to move the gear with ease and expedience.

Other Features

You have instant access to 85% of a sphere, making this far and away the quickest to position ballhead. There is no vertical notch necessary. There is no independent panning capacity, however this can be solved by using the Novoflex Universal Panorama Plate. Together these two pieces provide quicker use than all other ballheads.

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