Nikon FTZ Mount Adapter

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- Nikon FTZ Mount Adapter (NIFTZ)
- Nikon BF-N1 Body Cap
- Nikon LF-N1 Rear Lens Cap

The Nikon FTZ Mount Adapter allows you to pair nearly any Nikon F mount lens to the Nikon Z mount mirrorless camera. It provides direct mechanical and electrical coupling between the lens and the camera.

F-to-Z Adapter

The Nikon FTZ Mount Adapter lets you use almost any Nikon F-mount lens on a Z-mount camera body such as the Nikon Z7 and Z6, vastly expanding Z-mount shooters’ lens options.

Durable Build

This adapter’s durable magnesium-alloy build is weather-sealed, so you can use it in adverse conditions without worry. It also incorporates a 1/4"-20 mount on the base to provide a more balanced means for working on a tripod with longer, heavier lenses.

Wide Compatibility

The FTZ Mount Adapter is a sophisticated means for expanding the range of usable lenses. While compatible with approximately 360 distinct F-mount lenses, this adapter is especially ideal for use with over 90 E, G, and D-type lenses, on which it maintains autofocus and auto-exposure functionality. It also works with AF-S and AF-I teleconverters.


  • The Nikon FTZMount Adapter is compatible with:
    AF-S type G/D/E lenses
    AF-P type G/E lenses
    AF-I type D lenses
  • It is compatible AF-S / AF-I teleconverters.
  • This adapter is not recommended for Nikon D-type lenses with aperture control rings unless you use them in manual focus mode only.

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