Metabones Canon Mount Adapter EF - Sony E Mount T Smart Adapter V

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- Metabones Canon Mount Adapter EF - Sony E Mount T Smart Adapter V (CAMAEFSNE)

The Metabones Canon Mount Adapter EF Lens to Sony E Mount T Smart Adapter V is another iteration of the Metabones Smart EF to E Adapter. It allows users to adapt a Canon EF/EF-S-mount lens to a full-frame or APS-C Sony E-mount camera. Also, this version is compatible with the Sony PXW-FS7 Mark II video camera.

Full-Frame Support

The Metabones Canon EF-S Lens to Sony E Mount T Smart Adapter V allows you to mount Canon EF-mount lenses to Sony E-mount cameras and camcorders. It supports all full-frame Sony bodies, including but not limited to the PXW-FS7M2, a7R III, a7 III, and a9.

Durable Construction

This adapter features metal construction and a rubber gasket to protect the camera's mount from dust and moisture. It has a black felt flocking on the inside of the adapter that prevents reflections. For larger lenses, there is a removable Arca-type-compatible tripod foot with a 1/4"-20 thread on the base. Since the aperture blades change as you make adjustments, there’s a “wide-open” button which functions as the opposite of a depth-of-field preview button.

Electronic Communication

The Metabones adapter also supports compatible lenses’ Image Stabilization functions, allowing you to shoot at slower shutter speeds and helping to eliminate camera shake. Electronic contacts permit transmission of data between the lens and camera enabling autofocus, auto exposure, image stabilization, aperture control from the camera body, saving Exif information, and more.

Other Notable Features

This adapter is equipped with numerous capabilities thanks to the use of a high-performance 32-bit processor. It is powered by your camera body. It doesn’t require any additional power source. The power-save mode reduces battery consumption by reducing aperture diaphragm and image-stabilization actuation during image preview. Status notification LED light on the adapter will show the user what mode the adapter is currently in. Additionally, distance and zoom is displayed on certain camcorders and mirrorless cameras, auto magnify can be enabled, and it can automatically switch into APS-C mode depending on the lens used.

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