Libec ZFC-L LANC Zoom and Focus Control for Select Sony/Canon Cameras

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Record Start/Stop Button
Zoom Rocker (Continuous Variable Zooming)
Inverted Switch (Reversing the Zoom Direction)
Focus Button

Note: Certain models are not compatible with the variable zooming function.


2.5 mm Sub Mini Plug

Operating Temperature

14 to 104°F / -10 to 40°C

Clamping Width

0.4 to 1.8" / 1.0 to 4.5 cm

Cable Length

2.3' / 70 cm

- Libec ZFC-L LANC Zoom and Focus Control for Select Sony/Canon Cameras (LIZFCL)

The Libec ZFC-L LANC Zoom Control allows studio-like control for LANC-equipped Sony and Canon camcorders (certain models may have limited or no compatibility) and is an update to the ZFC-5HD. It enables remote REC start/stop and features a 2.3' cable terminated with a 2.5mm sub mini plug for camera connection. The control unit features a clamp that easily mounts onto pipes up to 1.8" in diameter. The zoom speed can be adjusted by tilting the rocker. The unit's inverted switch allows you to control and reverse the zoom direction.

Remote Control Options

The Libec ZFC-L LANC Zoom Control offers remote REC start/stop, focus control and precise, variable-speed zooming on LANC-equipped Sony and Canon cameras.

Inverted Switch

The ZFC-L’s inverted switch is a new function that changes the zoom direction depending on whether you’ve attached the unit vertically with the grip facing upward, or upside-down in an under-slung position.

Clamp Mount

The clamp mount lets you mount the control to round pipes up to 1.8” in diameter, making it compatible with most camera-support systems.

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