Libec Standard Dolly for RT30B / RT40RB / RT50B / RT50C Tripods

Replacement Value : $234
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Recommended Accessories

Tripod Foot Compatibility

Spiked Feet

Working Footprint

35.4" / 89.9 cm

Adjustable Footprint


Load Capacity

99 lb / 44.9 kg

Locking Wheels


Wheel Diameter

3.9" / 9.9 cm

Cable Guards



8.6 lb / 3.9 kg

- Libec Standard Dolly for RT30B / RT40RB / RT50B / RT50C Tripods (LIDL3RB)

The Libec Standard Dolly is a portable, durable add-on dolly that’s compatible with Libec - RT30B, RT40RB, RT50B, RT50C, Sachtler, Manfrotto, and Vinten tripods.

Durable Construction

The Libec Standard Dolly boasts a 99lb capacity, but weighs a mere 8.6 lbs. It offers increased mobility for re-positioning your tripod and can also be used for taking dolly shots on smooth, hard surfaces. Each of the 3.9" wheels incorporate its own foot-activated lock for increased stability. Additionally, it folds making it easy to transport and ship via the integrated handle.


This dolly is compatible with select Libec, Sachtler, Manfrotto, and Vinten tripods, including the following:

  • Libec: RT30B, RT40B, RT50B, RT50C
  • Sachtler 75mm-diameter tripods: Ace M GS, ACE L GS, Ace L MS CF, FSB 4/6/8, FSB 6T/8T, Ace 75/2 D, Ace 75/2 CF, ENG75/2D, ENG75/2DHD, DA75L, SpeedLock75 CF
  • Sachtler 100mm-diameter tripods: VIDEO 18S1/20S1, DV10SB/12SB/15SB, CINE 7/7HD, SpeedLock CF, CF100L, ENG2D, ENG2CF, DA100L
  • Vinten: Vision blue, blue3, blue5, 8AS, 10AS, 100, 3819-3, V3822-0001, 3766-3, 3821-3, 3772-3, 3773-3, 3884-3
  • Manfrotto: 501HDV, 504HD, 509HD, 546B, 546GB, 545B, 545GB

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