LensCoat TravelHood (Small, Black)

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7.2 oz / 204.0 g

- LensCoat TravelHood (Small, Black) (LETHSMBK)

This small black LensCoat TravelHood is a lightweight alternative or replacement to the standard lens hood that comes with your lens.

Collapsible Build

The LensCoat TravelHood-Small’s ribbed design allows it to fold nearly flat to easily store in your gear bag or suitcase, making this hood your perfect long lens companion.

Durability & Security

The TravelHood is made from lightweight water-resistant material that protect your lens from the elements like rain and dust, scratches. It deflects stray light to prevent glare and lens flare.

Secure & No Hardware Required

The TravelHood goes on quickly & easily. Anti-slip interior lining and hook and loop straps keep TravelHood in place securely.

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