LensCoat RainCoat Medium Sleeve (Black)

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9.0 oz / 255.0 g

- LensCoat RainCoat Medium Sleeve (Black) (LELCRSMBK)

The LensCoat RainCoat RS is a lightweight, portable rain cover designed for use with DSLRs. This product affords easy access to your gear while deflecting water, snow, salt spray, dust, sand, and dirt.

Maximum Protection

The LensCoat RainCoat RS offers protection for your camera and lens from the elements like rain, snow, and other adverse weather conditions for camera/lens combinations up to 15 inches in length, which means it’ll cover a DSLR with a 70-200mm 80-400mm, 100-400mm nicely. It features drawstring closures at each end, allowing nearly universal compatibility with any DSLR/lens combo that falls within the size limit. Its versatility through the use of the cinch straps allows you to adjust the length of the cover and to keep it snug around your lens. Velcro running along the underside of the cover allows tripod mounting.

Blends into the Environment

This version comes in a solid black color that provides a classic finish and helps your gear blend in with dark areas at night while its quiet material ensures that any rustling around won’t disturb animals when shooting wildlife.


 The LensCoat RainCoat RS (Medium) is compatible with LensCoat lens covers, Hoodie lens caps and camera BodyGuards. It covers a DSLR with a 70-200mm, 80-400mm & 100-400mm.


The LensCoat RainCoat Medium Sleeve (Black) is compatible with following Lenses (and similar offerings up to 15 inches in length):

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