Easyrig Vario 5 with Gimbal Rig Vest and 9" Extended Arm

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Stabilizer Type

Vest System

Load Capacity

11 to 38 lb / 4.99 to 17.24 kg


38 to 45" / 97 to 114 cm
24" / 60 cm (Folded)


14 lb / 6.4 kg



Belt Size

31 to 51" / 80 to 130 cm

Suspension Line Length

35" / 88 cm

- Easyrig Vario 5 with Gimbal Rig Vest and 9" Extended Arm (EAVRO5A9GR)
- Easyrig Vario 5 Standard Support Bar with 9" Extended Arm (EASBVRO5A9)
- Gimbal Rig Vest
- Carrying Case
- Side Pouch

The Easyrig Vario 5 Gimbal Rig Vest with 9-inch Arm is a body worn support system for rigs weighing 11 to 38 lb. It relieves strain on shoulders, neck, and arms with the stabilized support system. Its nine-inch arm makes it perfect for three-axis gimbal stabilizers, such as the Movi and Ronin. 

Three-Axis Gimbal Support

The Easyrig Vario 5 backpack’s nine-inch arm makes it perfect for supporting your Movi/Ronin. It’s supports 11 to 38lbs of gear, offering relief from weight strain on your arms over long shooting periods. It increases ergonomics and comfort while operating handheld gimbals and other Steadicam rigs.

Gimbal Rig Vest

The Gimbal Rig vest is optimized for use with motorized gimbal stabilizers, providing increased lower back support that allows you to carry weights further away from your body. When the vest is adjusted properly you should feel the weight of the camera primarily on your hips. It is also important that the support bar is vertical. If not, the load will be unevenly distributed on the hips causing the camera to possibly contact the bar. Adjustable waist belt lets the vest to fit easily on all body types and not slide down around the hips but sit firmly on the hips. Both the vest and waist strap are made of breathable material for maximum comfort. The shoulder straps are mainly for support and balancing the Easyrig. They prevent it from tilting.

Patented Support System

The Easyrig Vario 5 lets you achieve steady hand held shots from various camera levels while relieving strain on your back, neck and shoulders. The load is redistributed to the hips allowing you to shoot hand held in comfort for hours.

Adjustable Tension

It has an adjustable weight range from 11-38lb (5-17kg). Vario 5 allows you to adjust the line tension to adapt to different camera sizes and configurations. By turning the adjustment screw located on the back, you can easily change the tension / power of the line. 16mm, 35mm, and digital cameras will all fit on this versatile stabilizer rig.

Simple Attachment

The rubber-grip, spring-backed hook clamps directly to your camera’s top handle and is held securely in place by a knob on its side.

Shooting from the Hip

The Easyrig Vario 5 offers freedom to shoot at varied height levels ranging from the shoulder to the waist, simply by moving the camera down from your shoulder. With the Vario 5 you should feel only a fraction of the camera's weight.

Carrying Case

The carrying case allows convenient storage & protects the support while letting you easily transport it to your shoot.


  • The manufacturer recommends when shooting from hip level you should lean slightly backwards while pushing the camera forward. This minimizes the load on your back. Due to the extended length of the suspension line, you can position your camera as car forward as your arms can reach.
  • Always hold the camera when working with the Easyrig Vario 5. There is a safety strap which you can use to attach to the camera and vest. Also, never undo the hip belt buckle when the camera is attached to the Easyrig Vario 5. The weight of the camera will pull the top of the Easyrig Vario 5 down and you could potentially lose control of the camera. Additional precautions in the manufacturer's instruction manual should be heeded for safe operation of Easyrig Vario 5.

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