Easyrig Minimax

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Stabilizer Type

Vest System

Load Capacity

4.4 to 15.4 lb / 2 to 7 kg


35.8 to 39" / 91 to 99 cm
26" / 66 cm (Folded)


7.8" / 20 cm (Folded)


12.5" / 32 cm (Folded)


5.1 lb / 2.31 kg

Vest Weight

2.4 lb / 1.09 kg

Belt Size

32 to 55" / 81.28 to 139.70 cm

Suspension Line Length

43.3" / 110 cm

- Easyrig Minimax (EAMINIMAX)

The Easyrig Minimax is a stabilizer solution for rigs weighing 4.4 to 15.4lb. It is useful for documentaries, news, events, and more. This lightweight and portable system is great for situations that require extensive handheld camerawork. The Minimax improves the quality of your shots. It takes under a minute to get the Minimax up & running.

Strong & Compact

The new Easyrig MiniMax has a range of 4.4 to 15.4lb (2-7kg) and features an all new overload protection system. The body harness takes the weight off of your arms, giving you relief from the type of strain that’s typical on long shoots. If the Easyrig MiniMax spring system is overloaded, the exceeded weight limit will trip the new overload-protection system, which keeps the spring from breaking. An added bonus of the Minimax is increased stability in your shots.

Simple Attachment

The Minimax’s redesigned spring system results in smoother support rope movement with reduced friction. It incorporates a conical wheel that unrolls the rope with increasing force as the rope is unraveled. The Minimax can be attached to any camera as long as it has a camera handle through easy to use camera hook. The support rope, while transferring the weight to the harness, also adds a point of contact, reducing vibrations.

Adjustable Weight Range

By turning the knob in the back, the Minimax can be adjusted to fit your camera setup perfectly. It can take weights between 2-7kg/4.4 to 15.4lb. The adjustable support bar makes the Easyrig Minimax nearly universal for users.

Pivoting Upper Arm

The Minimax gains the Easyrig 3 Cinema model’s pivoting upper arm. It allows you to swing the camera to the side, or even have it sit on your shoulder.

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