Canon LC-E19 Battery Charger

Replacement Value : $454
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Charging Time

170 Minutes

Number of Battery Bays


- Canon LC-E19 Battery Charger (LC-E19-CR)
- AC Adapter

The Canon LC-E19 is the twin battery charger for LP-E19 batteries. This simple-to-use double battery charger for the LP-E19 battery is compact lightweight & easy to take with you.

Twin Charger

The Canon LC-E19 is the twin battery charger for the LP-E19 battery. This is the only charger compatible with the 1DX II’s LP-E19 battery. It will charge two separate LP-E19, LP-E4, or LP-E4N battery packs. LP-E19 batteries charge at a rate of 170 minutes per battery, while LP-E4 and LP-E4N charge at a rate of 140 minutes per battery. It plugs directly into AC outlets and includes an AC adapter.


The LC-E19 is backwards-compatible with previous-generation 1D-series batteries like the LP-E4 and LP-E4N.

LED charge indicators

It features LED charge indicators at 50%, 80%, 100% to notify you when your battery is charging and when it’s complete, this battery charger also runs on versatile 100-240 VAC power enabling use around the world.

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