Benro GH2 Aluminum Gimbal Head

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Recommended Accessories

Head Type

Gimbal Head

Base Mount

3/8"-16 Thread

Quick Release Plate Type


Load Capacity

50 lb / 23 kg

Friction Control


Independent Pan Lock





ø: 2.2 x H: 9.5" / ø: 56.0 x H: 241.0 mm


3.0 lb / 1.4 kg

- Benro GH2 Aluminum Gimbal Head (BEGH2)
- Benro PU-100 Extra Long Slide-In Quick Release Plate for GHB2 Gimbal Heads (BEPU100)

The Benro GH2 Aluminum Gimbal Head is designed for photographers who want comfort, stability and smooth control with their heavier zoom lenses. The GH2 holds up to 50lb, stands 9.5" high, and weighs 3lb. An Arca-type compatible clamp allows for quick attachment and release of your camera and lens, and a PL100 quick-release plate is included. A vertical scale and a 360° panoramic scale allow for easy adjustments and repeatable pans, while a large pivot tension knob enables smooth tilts. A separate knob locks the panning motion, for more complete adjustment control. Maneuverability and Speed are two very important factors which the Benro GH2 supports. It allows photographers to capture those all-important unpredictable moments, making it ideal for sports or wildlife photography.

  • The Benro GH2 Aluminum Gimbal Headis Ideal for long, heavy lenses.
  • It is compatible with the international-style QR plates such as the Arca Swiss and the Benro PL Series special lens plates.
  • Perfect for sports or wildlife photography where maneuverability and speed are two very important factors.

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