AVOLON Strato 2ft 110-220V DMX + RGB

SKU : LSH2002
Replacement Value : $3263
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- Power: 72 Watt
- Beam angle: 160°
- Voltage AC: 110–220 V / 50–60 Hz
- Voltage DC: 48 V
- DMX: 512 In & Out
- Powerlink: 10Amp
- Product Weight: 3.2kg / 7.054lb
- CRI Extended: > 95 CRI @5600°K
> 93 CRI @3200°K

 AVOLON Strato 2ft 110-220V DMX + RGB (LSH2001)

The AVOLON STRATO is the successor of the AVOLON Twin offering the same assets . The STRATO is a unique LED fixture known for his lightweight, ultra-brightness, noiseless (fan free ) , friendly operating menu and stackability up to 20 units without any accessories. It makes it one off the most popular lights in Film industry, television and photography. It has on board control dimming ( 1-100% ) local or remote , CCT adjustment ( Tunable White 2600-6800°K) , RGB Mode, Dimmable Blue and Green-key Mode, and Black-Out function at 0%. The STRATO has on board DMX 512 in and output and a powerlink 10 Amps The AVOLON STRATO performs over 110 lumen per watt. Metre le nb de watt !! With a CRI extended of 95 and a very low power consumption it is one of the most versatile lighting fixtures. The AVOLON Strato is flicker-Free until 3000 i/sec. The STRATO can be used in all directions even top-down.

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