Aputure Light Storm LS C120D II LED Light Kit with V-Mount Battery Plate

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Light Fixture

Color Temperature


Color Accuracy Standard

CRI 96

Cooling System



Yes, 1 to 100% 




110 fc / 1183.6 lux at 6.56' / 2 m
158 fc / 1700.1 lux at 6.56' / 2 m

Fixture Dimensions

Flood: 11.8 x 7.6 x 4.9" / 300.0 x 193.0 x 124.0 mm

Fixture Weight

4.85 lb / 2.2 kg (Including Reflector)


Battery Plate

1 x V-Mount

DMX Connector

5-Pin XLR


Fixture Mount

5/8" Receiver

Accessory Mount



Yoke Type


Remote Operation

Remote Control Type

DMX, Proprietary Wireless

Wireless Range

328' / 100 m

Wireless Channels / Groups

3 / 4


AC Input Power

100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz

Power Source

AC Adapter, External Battery

Max Power Consumption

180 W

Power Supply

Power Supply Dimensions

12.4 x 4.7 x 2.5" / 314.0 x 119.0 x 62.6 mm



CE, FCC, RoHS, as per Manufacturer

Aputure Light Storm LS C120D II LED Light Kit with V-Mount Battery Plate (APLSC120D2VK)
- LS C120D II
- Fresnel Mount
- Four-Leaf Bandoors
- Honeycomb Grid
- Control Box
- Power Cord
- Remote Control
- Bag

The Aputure LS C120D II is a complete re-design & update of the original C120D. The C120D II has a perfect 5500K daylight, allowing it to perfectly blend with other daylight-balanced lights in the Aputure ecosystem. The kit includes fresnel mount, four-leaf bandoors, honeycomb grid, control box, a power cord, remote control and a carrying bag.

Brightest or Dimmest
The C120D II boasts an incredible luminance of 135,000 lux at 0.5 meters away with the Aputure Fresnel (optional). With an approximate brightness equivalent to a 1,000-watt tungsten light, the C120D II is nearly 25% brighter than the 1st generation C120D, making it competitive with some of the highest-grade studio lights on the market. It also allows for dimming seamlessly from 100% all the down to 1%, meaning the C120D II is capable of being both the brightest and dimmest light on your set.

Impeccable Color Fidelity
Quantity of light is important, but quality is even more important. The C120D II has gone through intense color quality testing, using not only CRI ratings, but the industry standard Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI). In both tests, the C120D II scores CRI over 96 and TLCI over 97, guaranteeing the highest color quality possible. The LS C120D II will display natural color in both photo and video applications.

Build Quality
Featuring an aircraft-grade aluminum body, the C120D II boasts an impressive studio grade build quality. It weighs just over 2.2kg (4.85lb) allowing filmmakers to easily take this light anywhere without having to worry about the transportation. It also ensures quiet operation. Ideal for sound-sensitive environments, the LS C120D II is seen but not heard thanks to an intelligent cooling system that employs temperature-sensitive fan to regulate the heat. There is also an Auto/Force button that triggers maximum cooling. In any case, even at maximum power, the fan noise doesn't exceed 18 dB: basically the sound of a person breathing.

DMX512 Capability
DMX is the worldwide industry standard for film & television studios, theatre, broadcast and all forms of digital networking systems. The C120D II comes with DMX capability, allowing studio creatives to maximize their range of uses for their lighting arsenal.

Power Solution
the C120D II is powered by a single, all-in-one power box. A single power unit means less cabling and power components so filmmakers spend less time setting up their light and more time being creative. Also, The LS C120D II can meet various shooting requirements with AC or battery options. The light's V-mount battery plate is an asset for situations where mains power is unavailable. The kit comes with a remote control that can power on and off or adjust brightness wirelessly, even at distances up to 328'.

Neutrik Cable Locks
Color coded Neutrik cable systems allow for more flexibility in where your light can be placed and advanced locking systems ensure maximum safety, no matter your set's challenges and environment.

Handbrake Locking Yoke
A redesigned yoke mount accommodates an expanded 330°+ range of motion, enabling the user to angle and point the light in virtually any direction via an improved, user-friendly handgrip.

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